Sunday, September 14, 2014

One of my favorite weekends of the year

I had my make-up hair appointment then met Niki out to run some errands.  I then went back to her house to get ready for the Little Black Dress party that night.  Ryker got my camera out of my bag and was so excited to take some pictures, granted they were almost all of the ceiling fan!!
My new favorite drink!!
Niki & I at Little Black Dress
Sarah, Trish & I
Me & Monica
Kristen photobombed us!!  HA!!
Me, Sarah & Trish dancing
Crissy, Niki & I
Niki & I
I hit the road as soon as the party was over to head to Evansville for Koester Girls Camping weekend.  It was acutally "glamping weekend" this year!!
We didn't go to sleep till almost 2am but we were all up by 8 that morning.  We sat in Aunt Lori's gorgeous kitchen drinking coffee, talking and hoping the sun would come out and warm the temperature up!  We ate some yummy breakfast then headed outside.  The sun had finally come out but it was still windy.  She has this great patio but we ended up sitting in the driveway in between the camper and the garage and the house so we didn't feel the wind as much.   We wanted to do something so we got out the washer boards and played that.  
Hannah's new dog Baxter that she rescued! 
We took the boat out for a little ride 
Michelle and Mandy bringing drinks out for the ride! 
Baxter's first time on the boat and Grandma drinking straight out of the bottle!
We got back and hung out for a while.  Aunt Susie and Jennifer got there with pizza, so we all ate dinner and then Grandma wanted us to do the gift exchange before it got dark.  This is always one of our favorite parts! 
Michelle got baby booties, a Christmas vest and a velour jumpsuit! 
Lindsay got pillows, a bandana and a game 
Aunt Lori with her scarf 
Grandma with her candles, she was so excited to get this!! 
Michelle tried on her jumpsuit, she's showing off the arm fringe! 
Mandy, Jennifer, Grandma, Aunt Susie, Aunt Lori, Hannah
Michelle, Lindsay & I 
Jennifer & I 
Hannah & Aunt Lori 
Lindsay posing like the high schoolers do! 
Jennifer and her eye photobomb! 
We were having such a good time!! 
All the cousins that were there 
Grandma with her granddaughters
We played Cards against Humanity and hung out for a while.  We were all cold and went in to watch a movie.  I think we were all asleep within 15 minutes!!
We were all up early once again, drank several pots of coffee and then headed outside to hang out for a little bit.  We all started to leave around noon to head home.  Lindsay and I ran to the mall because we each had some things to return.  I came home and moved my jungle of a yard!  I got to the back yard and found a broken glass coke bottle and didn't think anything of it till I found several more. 
It pisses me off considering I have a fenced in yard!!  Probably some stupid kids did it, I'm just glad I saw it before I cut myself on it!

Weekend Wrap-Up

I met my friend Brooke for lunch today at McAlister's.  We hadn't gotten to hang out in a while and we spent a good hour there just talking and catching up.  It was so great.
I had a hair appointment that afternoon but I wasn't written down in her book and we had to reschedule it for next week.  I went back to my house to pack up and head to Evansville for the weekend.  I went with my parents to a high school football game.

#7 is my nieces boyfriend

It was really fun to be there and talk with my niece through the whole game.  They didn't win but we had a good time anyway. 
I got up early, had coffee with mom then headed out to try to find something to wear to one of my best friends baby shower we were having for she and her husband that night.  I found 2 at Kohl's and it was actually pretty easy.  I'm usually not that lucky!  I got my nails done and picked up a last minute gift then headed home to get ready.  Lindsay and Ty were coming over before so we could go to the shower together, then Michelle, Kelsey and Maddie came over also to give me my senior picture of Kelsey.
Some of the best friends a girl can have! 
My gorgeous little sister!! 
Loved this cake!! 
Proud Parents 
I won a prize!!!
I went over to my sisters house to practice on Kelsey's hair for homecoming.  I stayed there for a little bit but was getting tired and knew I needed to get home.  I came home and was supposed to mow my grass but was too tired!!  I did some laundry, made potato soup and then got my stuff ready for work this week. 

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm trying to catch up here and I can't remember much about this weekend looks like it will just be these few pictures!  I know it was Labor Day weekend.  I hung out with some friends, watched some SOA, a horrible movie and cleaned. 
Love me a good strawberry milkshake

I went to the gym on Monday just because I was feeling lazy all weekend, this made me feel a little bit better.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent the day helping Brittany and everyone getting the reception hall ready for the wedding.  It was a lot of work but it was also a lot of fun! 
I was trying to keep these two entertained!!
Rehearsal time!
The soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Runge
We then went to the rehearsal dinner.  It was at a pizza place and it was so good.  I went home to change clothes, then met some friends for a drink.  We hung out for a while then I headed home so I could get some sleep.
I got up around 9 and should have just started getting ready then!!  I didn't and then I was rushing around trying to get ready and get to the church.
It was Dr. Walker's birthday so we all wore our shirts!
"We'll continue making the donuts."
Me and the BFF (blurry of course)
Brittany forgot to go to the bathroom before putting the dress on and it took 3 of them to help her!
So many ruffles!!
Love this one!!
Selfie with the Bride!!
Niki, Brittany & I
Love this!!

Loved the head table! 
A little bit sweaty... 
We just wanted a decent picture!!  This will just have to work! 
Wish I would've focused this one! 
It was so so so hot out there on the dance floor and the Bride just wanted to cool off!!
It was a beautiful wedding and I'm so happy for the two of them!!  We all had such a good time and danced the night away!!
I slept in and just lounged around for a bit.  I talked to Niki and went down there to help them around the new house.  We painted for a little bit then went back to there house and had dinner and watched some Sons of Anarchy.  I came home and finished up some laundry.  Working tomorrow is gonna be rough!!  It was such a great weekend!!