Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up (April 24-26)

Niki & I at the DG!!

How sweet is that face?
Love that little boy!!
After working outside all day, going to a birthday party and waiting out the rain, we decided to put together the boys trampoline....then we proceeded to use the selfie stick and take lots of selfies!!  Hehe!!!
I met J for dinner on his way home from working at his parents farm.  We ate at Chili's then he wanted ice cream so we went to Steak n Shake!!  Yum!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cruz Tyler

I stayed at their house that first night then was back at the hospital early the next morning.  When I got there, he was under the warmer and looked so sweet.  But, he always looks sweet so that wasn't any different!!  I'm just a little bit biased and a whole lot in love!!
His instagram debut
After his picture were taken, love love love this little onesie!!
Lindsay requested one thing on Black Friday while we were out shopping, and that was that somebody got her a cookie bouquet!!  Michelle did just that and it couldn't have been cuter!!
The next day and he's already looking different!!
Holding onto my shirt since day 1!
His first selfie with me at home!!
Trying out the Mammaroo
I could snuggle him all. day. long.
That was his face when I told him I had to go home that day :(
He was just as sad as I was, I cried and cried.
He wore this little outfit I got him to his first Dr.'s appointment and yes, he is a little genius!
One of his hospital pictures

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend & Happy Birth Day Cruz

J & I went on a date to dinner and to see The Longest Ride.  We had to make a little pit stop at Lowe's.
The movie was so good, didn't really follow the book, same storyline but very different.  We both really liked it!!
I went to work the next day and saw that Amanda & I were twins!  Of course, this was the beginning of my shift and the end of hers and she still looks gorgeous!!
My friend Jessica texted me that day and told me she thought she was in labor and was going to be coming to the hospital soon.  I was there to get her started and was there till she had that sweet baby boy at 12:40 AM on Saturday.
Grant Rhine
I was supposed to get up and go to the gym at 8 but after getting home at 3 in the morning, I just couldn't get up!  I slept for a while then got out and mowed my grass.  I went to hang out with Niki that night.  I talked to Lindsay, she was having some contractions and we were hoping it would be soon!!
I got up Sunday morning to get ready to meet J at his house.  I called Lindsay at about 10am to see how she was doing.  I met J for lunch, we went to Barnes & Noble and then went to watch some of Dawson's ball game.  J got to meet Mike at the game.  It started to rain again so we decided to leave.  I checked my phone and had several texts that Lindsay was being admitted!!  I'm sure she'll post a birth story at some point!!

Cruz Tyler
Aunt Krystal just loves him so much!!  I got to spend the first 4 days with him and I cried and cried when I had to leave.  He is just the sweetest little thing and I cant wait to get back to him.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

J & I were supposed to have a date tonight but he had a last minute meeting put on his schedule for that afternoon and it ended going way later than what he thought.  He was 2 hours away from Mt. Vernon at 6:30, so that was making it 8:30 before we could meet and we decided to just push our date back to next week.  I ended up going to Niki's for the evening and we painted nails and ended up watching some movie!
I got up and went to the gym then came home and got ready to go to some of Dawson's ball games. 

I was taking this picture through a fence!!  Love my new lens!!

This one too!!
I came home and my yard was mowed!!  My neighbors were gonna help me get my lawn mower going but the grass was so tall she went ahead and mowed it with her riding mower!!  I am so lucky to have such great neighbors!!  Hopefully the weather will be nice enough this weekend so I can mow Saturday.  
I slept in way later than what I expected!!  I got up and got ready for a baby shower and took some selfies....haha!!  I know they say it's some kind of a disorder to take selfies but I don't care!!  It's my phone, my blog, and I can post if I want too!!

YAY!!!  I ordered some knock-off shoes from Target and had them shipped to my friend Becca for her to monogram!!  I can't wait!!!
Just a little baby shower for Charleen and Baby Ava

Easter Weekend

J & I had a date on Thursday night.  I seem to always send some snapchats on this night...and this was one of them!
Snapchat selfies are the best!
We ate dinner then went to see Furious 7.  Of course, he told the waiter that I wanted dessert (or is it desert??  Dessert is right I think) so we got some kind of brownie thing and a cocktail.  I took two bites and was done, good thing he was the one who actually wanted dessert anyway, he ended up finishing it off while I sat there and drank my margarita! 
I got up and headed home for the weekend.  My cousin turned 40 and his mom and sister threw him a surprise party.
Jennifer, Grandpa & Jason using the selfie stick
Michelle, Justin & I
Happy Easter!!
Watching the kids hunt eggs!
Aunt Krystal can't wait to love on this baby boy!!
My sweet Grandpa

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Starting a little early this week....this was on Wednesday
Some girls from work got together for dinner and drinks at one of the best Mexican restaurants we have. It was $5.99 margarita pitchers night!!!  

Angie & I
Sara, Me, Angie, Sarah, Anne, Holly & Emily
I got standby today from work and didn't get near as much done as I wanted to.  I was hoping to bring a little luck to my Hoosiers but not so much. 

I hung out with Niki and family that night and put together a shelf...we were much more productive at her house than I was at mine!!
I got up and went to the gym.  I did body pump then stayed for spin class.  It hurt so good!!  I don't burn near as many calories in the morning as I do in evening classes because I usually just get up and go and don't eat anything but that's ok, still worth going!!  I got home and headed down to Niki's for a little bit.  We cleaned up some stuff outside there then I came home and got ready for trivia night.
My selfie stick came in the mail!!
My first picture with the selfie stick!!
Haha!! Michael thought he would help us out and hold it for us....not really the point!!  You could see his arm in every single picture and you can see the remote in my hand!!  Also, we totally got photobombed!!  We were cracking up!!
Too funny!!
Niki & I
I was not ready to get up when my alarm went off, I had a little too much fun the night before!  I stopped by McDonalds for a little pick me up. 
I was headed to the hospital to be a friends support while her Dr. was going to try to turn her baby from breech presentation to head.  Of course, this is where I work and so does she but we were way nervous because neither one of us had ever been in on a version.  I had only heard bad things about them, just how bad it hurts and looks gruesome.  The Dr. was busy that morning so we waited a while for him and then when he finally came it was time to get this show on the road.  Her husband and I stood on one side of her and the nurse and dr stood on the other side.  It was way more painful than what she was anticipating and after two tries he was not successful.  Hopefully the baby will just turn on his own!!
After that, I came home to get ready to meet J for dinner and a movie.  I was supposed to work Friday and he had a race on Saturday so today was our only option to meet up.  We went to see Insurgent...I haven't seen Divergent yet but he was able to tell me enough about it so I could get what was going on.  It was really good but we watched it in 3-D....not my favorite....and if we would of had the choice we would not have chosen 3-D.  After the movie, we went to eat at Cracker Barrel. 
I let him try first this time and he got it down to one, then it was my turn and I only got it down to three.  I tried again and almost got stumped again but he saw a better move and helped me get down to one pin also.  Isn't that sweet??  He has a cold and was really sore from the first race of the season so we called it a night after dinner and hopefully he'll get to feeling better by next week.