Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I really needed to mow my lawn today but didn't get the chance to.   I did get a weed eater though so as soon as I can get my lawn mower back from my neighbor I will be all set.  I got ready and went to Niki's for her husbands birthday party.  We all had a really good time even though the Cardinals lost.
I got up early and headed home to my parents house.  Mom and I hung out all day, went for a walk, ate some lunch then sat outside and enjoyed the pretty weather!
Loving this view!
We were out there for about 2 hours and both got some sun.  I came in and started getting ready for another friends birthday party.  I headed over there and helped them finish up some things.
Jenny & I
Lindsay & I
Danielle & I
We had so much fun, it was like an old college party!!  We played flippy cup, beer pong and boom.  It was so much fun!! 
I slept in, visited with my mom and older sister and then packed up my stuff and headed home.  I really needed to mow my grass.  I asked my neighbors husband to show me how to get the mower started and how to empty the bag.  It was definitely not as easy as I thought it was going to be.  His wife, who I work with and is a friend, came over and we were talking as he was trying to fix up the mower.  She ended up going to get her riding mower and mowed it for me.  Thank goodness for wonderful neighbors!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Yesterday, my sister called to tell my that I had won something from Kiki La'Rue on Instagram!!!!  I was so excited!!  I enter to win stuff all the time and never get picked! 

This is the picture I commented on, I love that top!!

And this is the picture that told me I won!!
I had a hair appointment this morning.  I had been sick all this week and was finally starting to feel a little better.  I had been taking cold medicine around the clock the past couple of days.  I didn't feel bad when I woke up so I didn't take anything before I left my house, that was a mistake!  Luckily, I had put medicine in my purse and took some when I left there, I felt like it took forever to finally kick in.  I got my nails done that afternoon....
I came back home and tried to watch Grey's and Scandal since the storms on Thursday night had the news covering the weather for the 2 hours while those shows were on. 
I met my friend Andrea at her house so we could go eat for her birthday with some of her other friends.  We didn't take one single picture, I was so sad.  We went to eat sushi and came back to her house to drink some wine and talk.  We were the only two still awake and talking before we knew it!!
I got up and actually felt good for the first day all week!!  I went to the gym then went to get some groceries for the week.  After I got home, my sister facetimed me so I could see my oldest niece off to prom!!  I made them take a picture with me.....
They're so cute!!

Andrea was wanting to go to a local winery that night to listen to a guy that plays the guitar and sings, so I started getting ready so I could meet up with her.  It was supposed to be a group of people but it ended up being only us!!  We had so much fun!!
Chris Slone
Andrea & I
Rockin' my Kiki La'Rue
It was the last church service in our building today and it was such a good service!!  I had plans to go to lunch with Deana and Elly afterwards.  We went back to her house to hang out for a little bit and Elly got to show me some of her dances and gymnastics routines.  I came home to finish up my laundry and get things ready for my work week. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I got up and headed into town to get my errands done. I had to go to the DMV to get my sticker for my license plate. I always hate having to do that, there's always a line and I always seem to get behind the person who doesn't have whatever they need for their renewal!  Well this year was no different, the two ladies in front of me didn't have whatever they needed so they were called out of line to have it reprinted and then jumped right back in line in front of all of us.....I was so annoyed!!  At least it's done and I won't have to do it for another year!  I finished up my other errands and decided I would check out Maurice's to see if they had any good sales and they did.  I found a cute pair of capris and they we're buy one get one 50% off!!  Just as I was getting home, Niki called to see if I wanted to go with her to our friends house to have a wine and yoga pant night, of course I did!!
Getting ready to leave for Niki's, loving my new monogrammed scarf!!
Always rivals!!  We watched some of the UK game, I went home before it ended and was surprised when I saw on Facebook that they won!!
I had a Mary Kay party to go to this morning and then we went to a friends house that night for a little cookout. I didn't take any pictures. 
I went to church and then came home and watched The Good Wife although I'm behind, I already know what happens this season because of watching Entertainment Tonight!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I met some friends from breakfast at a little cafe on the square and this little cutie was hungry!!  We tried to keep him occupied until he got something to eat and this is what we got!!
Look at those eyes!!
Love that sweet face!
We finished up breakfast and went to run our errands.  First stop was Target and after finish our shopping there we decided we needed a little caffeine!!  They had little free samples to try and I thought it would be so cute to give him that little Starbucks cup.  I knew he doesn't know how to use a straw yet....what I didn't know is that he knew how to blow bubbles!  Woops!!! 
After his mom drank it all he didn't really want anything to do with it!
We did some other running around and shopping before we headed back.  I had a nail appointment that afternoon.  I tried something a little different this time.  I've been pinning lots of ideas lately!!
The picture doesn't show that the nail is actually pale grey with the pink tips.
Loving all my monogrammed shirts from Becca!!

Love how he just put his little head on my shoulder!
Ryker's new baby Sperry's
We were pretty bored Friday night, Niki was on her iPad and started looking at the photobooth app...and this is what started!!

There were tons more but these are 2 of the funniest!!  The others were even more unflattering!!  I know, hard to believe!!  It was a fun time though!!  I particularly love how BIG my hair is in the pictures!!  I love me some big hair!!
I got up at the crack of dawn!!  I have no idea why, but I couldn't sleep any longer.  I didn't have any plans for the day but I got up anyway.  I didn't do much of anything, cleaned a little, got caught up on my shows from the week that I missed, took a nap, started a new book and browsed Pinterest for way too long!! 
I slept great, got up and went to church.  Only 2 more weeks in this building then we move to our new location!!  I had to get a few more groceries for this week considering I'm starting the 17 day diet again tomorrow.  Well, I really shouldn't say again considering I've never actually gotten very far with it in the past.  I gonna really try this time though, I really want to lose this weight before summer and summer will be here in no time!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!  They say it's spring but it doesn't actually feel like it yet, they say we have a chance for snow

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was such a gorgeous day!!  I loved having the sunroof open and the sun blazing in!!  I am so ready for warmer weather!! 
We had such a pretty day on Tuesday!! I was supposed to work a 4 hour shift for somebody right in the middle of the day but I ended up being on standby, I came home and sat outside and read a book then went to the complex behind my house and walked/ran for a little bit and came inside and saw tan lines!! So ready for some real sun and not the kind in a bottle! Anyway, I went to Niki's and then we did a little bit of running around. We watched Gravity later that night, I was so not impressed with that movie!
I got up and did a little shopping after stopping at Starbuck's first.  It was a really pretty day again so I washed my car while I was out too.
I saw a post on Facebook from a little boutique I follow and they posted about a sale they were having and I saw this dress...unfortunately it was too small.  I looked around but didn't find anything else I was that crazy about.  Of course, when I got home, they posted another dress that was so cute but I didn't see it when I was there!
I got home and got ready to get together with some friends.  I remember St. Patrick's Day weekend always being a fun time to go out and listen to music and dance.
Laryssa & I
Andrea & I at dinner
We had drinks and appetizers and then decided to go to a local bar hoping to hear some good music and dance.  The first place we went wouldn't play anything we requested and ended up telling us we should go somewhere else if we wanted to do "the wobble"....I mean, is it to much to ask to do a little wobble?!?  So we left there and went to another bar and they had a horrible band playing!  I'm sure they weren't horrible to people who like that kind of music but all we wanted to do was dance and that was not happening!  Some other people we knew were there so we all just hung out and talked until it was time to close.  We hardly ever get to go out anymore and all we wanted to do was dance and we didn't get to at all.  We decided next time we're just gonna hang out at somebody's house, drink wine, wear yoga pants and wobble!
The stupid bipolar weather we're having, I woke up to cold and raining.  It was icing by the time I got out of church and continued for a couple hours then switched to snow.  We ended up with just everything covered and it was done before it got dark.  Hopefully this is finally the last of the cold weather we're gonna have.  I need some nice weather so I can start on my new hobby....GOLF!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent today and yesterday at a conference type meeting for work.  It was about passion for you job, workplace and coworkers.  I got a lot out of it and there were many tears shed also.  It was a great subject and I'm kind of glad they make it mandatory for all employees to go.  I would have gone no matter if it was mandatory or not!  After it was over, I headed on over to Evansville.  We had this weekend planned for prom dress shopping for a while.  Mom made a yummy supper and it was ready when I got there.  We watched Grey's Anatomy after that and an episode of American Idol and then I headed to bed.
I was awake early but stayed in bed just because I could.  I got up and got ready so we could leave by 10. 
Me, Maddie & Kelsey
Kelsey tried on several dresses at each place we went.  She didn't love any of them, although there were plenty that looked super cute on her.  She was such a good sport about trying dresses on we picked out for her even if she didn't like the way they looked on the hanger.  There was only one that I remember that none of us liked on her.  After we did that, we stopped and got ice cream then went to Lindsay's house to hang out for a while.  We played with the cats and did a little JustDance and it was time to head home. 
Michelle, Maddie & I decided to go to the mall for a little bit to find some new pants for Maddie.  Michelle and I went in to Dillard's and they just happened to be having a sale...extra 40% off already reduced prices.  We both got a new pair of shoes!!  I had been wanting a pair of booties all winter and I finally found some that I liked and wouldn't cost a fortune.  I love me a bargain!!  We got back to the house and I left again for a friend from high schools going away party.
Me, Amanda, Cory, Steph, & Danielle
We all left a little bit after that.  Maddie had left her tablet in my purse so I went by their house to drop it off.  I stayed for a little bit to play with the kitties and then headed home.
The bad weather had started sometime early this morning.  I got up around 7 and got my things together so I could drive home before it got any worse.  The roads in Indiana were worse than those in Illinois.  The rain/sleet stopped about halfway through my trip and when I needed my windshield wipers again they were frozen and were of no use.  I eventually made it home and this is what my car looked like....
It was so pretty and clean before this too!
It only took me about 30 minutes longer than normal to get back but I was so glad to be off the roads.  I didn't plan on going anywhere else till having to go to work on Tuesday!  I watched several episodes of the Good Wife and took a nap and not much else.  It was a lovely lazy day.
I may have even squeezed in a little online shopping!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent they day shopping, running errands and enjoying the sunshine!!  I worked that afternoon for a few hours and it was like the flood gates opened when I got there. They said I wasn't allowed to work Friday afternoons anymore if I was going to make it that busy!!  

How funny is this!!!  I seriously laughed out loud!!
I went to wash my car and it ended up being an all day affair because it took me two different car washes to actually get a semi clean car and then came home and got it squeaky clean!!  I love a clean car!

Pretty car wash colors!!

Love me some Sex and the City!!!  
I had a night in, by myself and watched a bunch of The Good Wife and read.  
I got up and went to church then went to my friend Jessica's baby shower. 
All of the girls from work at her shower!!  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Valentine's day....some gifts my sweet family and friends gave me!

This sweet kitty needed some lovins!!

My cute Valentine dates!!!!
I spent most of the day watching The Good Wife.....if you're not watching it, you should be!!!  I met some friends for dinner and then we hung out and talked for the rest of the night.
I went to church then went to get some lunch with friends and took this piece of cake home with me!!  I was disappointed in it....dry and the icing wasn't near as good as I was hoping!
I did all my normal Sunday duties and was ready to start a new week!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

So, it's been snow day after snow day for the kids around here.  It makes me second guess my decision to work in a hospital, that's for sure....I kid, I kid!!  It was a grocery shopping day, so I met Niki out.  She had the boys and her mom with her, we divied up the kids and I got the middle one who has always been Koko's buddy. 
He likes taking selfies just as much as the next person.  (As you can see, he's looking at his own iPod instead of my phone) Don't mind the fact I have no neck!
We had some lunch and then finished shopping. He and I went on back to their house and waited for the rest of them to get there.  Niki and I hung out and decided there is never anything good on tv on Friday nights.  Once her husband got home we decided to watch Hangover III.  I usually don't like stupid funny movies but .....
with Bradley Cooper in it, I think I'll watch it just in case!!
I went to Dawson's basketball game since it was in my town I live in.  We went and had lunch then I came home to clean and do some laundry.  I decided to make some sangria for Niki and I to drink after the games.  My parents and nieces were visiting with my grandpa back at home and mom sent us this picture.   
Mom & Grandpa
I have been all kinds of obsessed with everything monogrammed lately.
These monogrammed pocket tees especially!!  Luckily, one of my best friends can do this for me!!  I was on pinterest for a while looking at all of these!!  I look over to the right of me and this is what I see....
Is he not the cutest darn thing??!!??
I met my friend Andrea this morning at her church to try it out.  It was awesome!!  I am definitely going back.  After that, I went to get a few groceries I didn't get the other day and I came right upon these...
Just what I was looking for!!  So excited to send these off to get monogrammed!!  And then somehow, these darn things jumped right into my cart.....YUUUUUMMMMM!!!!
Don't even try these unless you are prepared to eat the whole pack!!  I've heard the cookie dough ones are just as good!!