Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

This was my first day off this week and I was sooooo exhausted!!  My friend Jessica and I went for margaritas after work on Wednesday night after 3 long days of work. 

I knew I was on call on Thursday so we made sure to get home at a decent time. 5 o'clock Thursday morning came really early, my phone rang and I knew that meant I was being called into work. I ended up being there all day. I was so tired that night!
I at least got to sleep in this morning till 8.  I didn't have any plans to do anything but I did need to get a shirt for a bachelorette party next weekend.  I went to hang out with Niki that night.  We watched some bad movie with Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper in it, then we watched Fast and the Furious 6 and that was really good!!
I had seen a pin on Pinterest on how to do your own "shellac" manicure at home without the curing light so I went to get some groceries for the week and the stuff to do my nails. 
I think they turned out ok, lets just see how long they last!
It was Chad's birthday so we all got together at Mike & Niki's for a cookout and to just hang out.  We all ate and got a drink and went to sit outside while the kids were playing. 

Ryker's hair was curling from the humidity!
Crissy, Joni, Rachel, Me, Niki & Charlene
I mostly watched a bunch of Friday Night Lights and did some laundry.  I knew it was hot outside and I didn't have any type of water to be in so I decided it was a good idea to just stay inside!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I don't remember what day this was but that is my BFF's dog trying to lick me! She is crazy!!
I finally hit 10,000 steps!!
It was hair appointment day and then I went to get some groceries.  I just wanted to drink some wine and chill for the night.

How fun would it be to have this!?!
My wild and crazy Friday night!!
I got up and cleaned up the house and packed up all my things to head home.  I sat down and saw that The Notebook was on and I sat there and watched the whole thing, then I saw that New Moon was on and The Notebook was on again also.  That meant I stayed and finally got to my own house around 5.
My iPad cord looked like a pretzel when I picked it up
My poor plant looked like this when I got home's already looking better
I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow....the work week always comes back around so quick!

Last Weekend's Wrap-Up

I had a day at home to clean and do laundry then I packed up my car and headed to O'town for my sisters. My BFF and her family were also going there for a ball tournament.  I got to Lindsay's house just as she was getting home as well.  We ate dinner at Chick-Fil-A that night and it was dress like a cow day and get a free chicken was hilarious!  We didn't dress up as cows but most of the people did and it was really cute!  We came back to her house and watched a movie then went to bed.
We got up and headed to the ball park for the first of many games that weekend.  Mom, Michelle and Maddie came over and Danielle & Jeremiah came a little later. 
This little cutie was ready for some ball!

Dawson is the catcher 
Ready to bat 
We watched the two ball games that he played that day then we went to get something to eat at a local BBQ place.  Mom brought cupcakes to celebrate since Niki's birthday was tomorrow.  Mom, Michelle and Maddie left after lunch.  Danielle & Jeremiah came back to Lindsay's with us and hung out for a while.  Lindsay & I met Niki and them out for dinner and then we all headed back home so we could get some sleep before another full day of ballgames.
Happy Birthday BFF!!!! 

This is an old picture from last year at the Cardinals game after the Color Run
Koko with her favorite baseball player! 

Ready to run home!!
He was eating spaghetti at Olive Garden and dropped so much on his white uniform that they made him a napkin bib!!
After lunch, we went back to the ball field and watched a few more games before his team actually played again.  They played their little hearts out but lost to a team that beat them the last time they were here for a tournament.  This team was awesome!!  We all went our separate ways.  I headed back to IL to get stuff from my house to go house sit for the week.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy 4th of July!!!
I got up and headed to Evansville for a fun party and gender reveal!!  I was exhausted from working an extra shift this week and lots of heartbreak.  I was ready to relax and hang out with friends and family. 
Daddy to be with the surprise gender reveal products!! 
This was the first thing we saw and everybody was freaking out thinking it was twins!!  But it wasn't twins.... 
It's a BOY!!!
Parker George
Proud Mom & Dad to be!! 
Steph, Me, Danielle, Becca & Lindsay
We are all huge IU fans and my parents got them the cutest bear and IU onesies!!
Aunt LaLa & Aunt Jenny
We all ate and hung around for a while longer.  I stayed there and watched fireworks with them.  Their neighborhood had some of the best fireworks!!  It was amazing!!  

One last blue lantern!
Jenny cooked breakfast for all of us so I went over there that morning and then we went to a street bizarre and rode around in the jeep.  We went back to Danielle's to get in the pool and I forgot to put sunscreen on my stomach and I'm still feeling the pain.  We had a game night and hung out till we were all old and tired and had to go home so we could go to bed!
I just needed to recharge today.  It's been 2 really tough weeks at work with two devastating car accidents that affected our whole department.  I just cleaned, did laundry, did dishes, mowed the lawn and watched some netflix.  I think I can start a new week now that is going to be just as busy but not as heart wrenching.  

Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Birthday Weekend

It was finally the day of Lindsay's 30th Birthday surprise party.  I came home that morning and ran errands to tie up the loose ends for the party.  Finally at about 6:00 it was time for the party!!
Her cake!!  Made by my BFF's mom!! 
Mom and I got out some baby pictures and her senior pictures to display
She was very SURPRISED!!!!
Me, Linds & Michelle
Obviously an outtake!!
We wanted the skinny one up front to hide us!
How lucky I am to have her as not only my sister but one of my best friends!!
So we started doing all the poses our nieces and their friends do!

I couldn't keep it together!!
Love it!!  (except for that arm fat!)
Kelsey & Lindsay
Maddie & Lindsay
Michelle & Lindsay
Anne, Lindsay & Tonya
So glad these two were able to both come in town for the party.  She was so surprised and excited to see them and hang out with them for the night!!
Just some Murray States girls 10+ years later!!
Dad & Lindsay
Me. Dad, Lindsay & Michelle
It's my 32nd birthday!!!

I spent the day with Michelle at my friends house in their pool.  It was so nice!!  We got a little bit of sun and got to relax then we came home to get ready to go out that night.
I wanted sushi and that's what I got!!  It was so good!!
Danielle & I
And with the flash on!!  Holy washout!!
Michelle & I